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Keep the Power on with Professional Home Generator Maintenance in Orlando

Homeowners usually aren’t able to anticipate a power outage before it happens. When it does, it’s irritating to wait around for the problem to be taken care of. It impacts your home comfort, as well as the food in your fridge. If you’re without power for several days as the result of a storm or a hurricane, you’re left with the issues left behind when it turns on.

You can stop the frustration and sudden costs with your own whole home backup generator. If you already have one, United States Heating & Air Conditioning will help keep it in the greatest possible shape so it turns on correctly when the power goes out. You can feel good the next time severe weather blows through as you know you can rely on your home generator.

Our electricians in Orlando have the experience and certifications required for outstanding home standby generator maintenance. United States Heating & Air Conditioning offers tune-ups for all whole-home generator brands. What’s even better, our generator maintenance program does the prep work for you each year. Just contact our friendly staff at 407-774-9850 to book your appointment now!



Benefits of Home Generator Maintenance

Many power outages aren’t extended, but you often can’t figure out how much time to fix. Maintaining your home generator provides many different advantages, such as:

  • Enjoying the peace of mind that hurricanes and extreme thunderstorms won’t keep your electricity off for long. A backup generator starts right away following a power outage, decreasing frustration.
  • Shielding perishable food, utilities, network connections and other top conveniences from a power loss. These are the most frequent victims when you don’t have power.
  • Avoid hazardous power surges with an uninterrupted current.

But you won’t have these advantageous if your generator isn’t operating right. Since extreme weather can roll in quickly, there could be long periods of time when you don’t need the generator. You may not have the chance to be aware something needs repairs before it’s too late.

Rely on United States Heating & Air Conditioning for Your Home Generator Maintenance Needs

A professional electrician like those at United States Heating & Air Conditioning will know what to check for when completing maintenance. Important pieces are closely inspected and replaced if needed. If you don’t yet own a backup generator, we can help you figure out what kind and size is ideal for your house, and then install it.

Contact us at 407-774-9850 to request your home generator maintenance appointment now!