Why You Should Still Get Your Heating System Inspected, Even If You Barely Use It

close up of a persons hand writing notes down next to a radiator

If you’re not using your heating system as often, that means you can skip out on getting repairs often because of the low usage, right? Wrong! Here is why you should still get regular maintenance for your heating system, despite not using it as often.

Avoiding Bigger Repair Bills

Age and occasional use can be enough to wear down some components, which can start as a minor issue, but neglecting repairs can lead to system failure in the future. Sometimes HVAC systems can have problems with leaks or even possible compressor issues that can go unnoticed. It is much cheaper to fix a heating system that tends to rattle occasionally than to replace an entire motor because that rattling sound went on for months without a check.

System Efficiency

On the topic of savings, the best way you can save on your bills is by getting a heating system check-up to ensure your system is running to its full capacity. Many homeowners can be wasting money by having a heating system with either dirty filters or broken components and not being aware that this is causing them to have higher than usual energy bills.

On top of saving money on your energy bills, regular maintenance will help you stay warmer faster if you are ever in the mood to turn on your heat. Uneven heating can be annoying, especially during a cold snap, so why not avoid that hassle altogether by getting your HVAC system inspected.

Indoor Air Quality

Another big reason to get routine maintenance for your heating system that does not get heavy usage is to clean out those filters and air ducts. Earlier, we mentioned leaks being an issue with heating systems, and the reason you want to spot leaks early with routine maintenance is to avoid mold growth. Once you have mold in your vents, that is not only a hazard for your health, but you’re looking at more repair costs that could have been avoided.

Likewise, dust still can build up in your heating system’s air filters over time, even when the system is inactive. Dust build-up is expected, but having an air filter caked in dust after months of no use can lead to you and your family having persistent allergy symptoms across your home. We also didn’t mention the potential smell of a dirty heating system that can contribute to an unpleasant experience at home.

When To Know It’s Time For Maintenance?

So the biggest question we get from homeowners is knowing when they should get their heating system inspected? We recommend that regular maintenance is performed at least annually to spot any potential issues. Some signs to look out for if your heating system has problems before it’s time for your annual inspection are things like odd smells when you turn on your heat, loud noises coming from your heating system, or even uneven heating across your home.

If you notice your heating system is giving you a headache, then call our pros at (407) 337-7925, and we are ready to help. At United States Heating & Air Conditioning we have years of experience and will happily help you find the most cost-effective solution for your home repairs!