Why Does My Air Conditioner Smell?

repair person looking at mini split

Sometimes turning on the air conditioner for a few minutes to cool down the house or cut down on humidity can be a lifesaver year-round. However, some homeowners may dread turning on their air conditioner because their air conditioner can smell like old shoes. If you find yourself living with an air conditioner that is starting to stink up the place, here are some of the reasons behind that horrible smell.

Musty Smell

A common complaint from homeowners with smelly air conditioners is the smell of musty, stale air. If your home is starting to smell mildewy, you are likely looking at mold growth within your air conditioning system.

Mold growth within air ducts can be expected if homeowners are unaware of a potential leak in their air conditioning units. Drain lines can get clogged, or ventilation issues can cause excess moisture buildup leading to mold growth over time. Thankfully with routine maintenance, you can eliminate mold ahead of time by making sure your air conditioner is not creating excess moisture in your air ducts.

You need to schedule a professional cleaning immediately if you have a mold growth problem, as mold growth left unchecked can be dangerous for your health.

Urine Smell

If you ever smell a urine-like smell or even fishy odor coming from your air ducts, you might have an issue with your air conditioner’s writing. Faulty wiring or unfortunate malfunctions can lead to electrical overloads that melt components.

When burned, plastic and other material in these components can create a urine smell that gets swept up by your air conditioner. Contact our HVAC repair service to make sure your air conditioner’s electrical components are properly secured to avoid not only bad smells but any potentially dangerous electrical fires.

Exhaust And Smoke

Sometimes issues with an air conditioner’s condenser coils can lead to leakages into your air ducts. When condenser fluid reaches your air ducts, it can emit a smell similar to exhaust fumes that can be solved with a quick call to one of our pros.

However, be careful when noticing exhaust smells, and keep an eye out for smoke. If by any chance you smell something burning or ashy coming from your air ducts, immediately turn off your air conditioner and contact your local fire department. Smoke or even smells similar to gunpowder can indicate a fire in your air conditioning unit that needs immediate repairs.

Unsure What To Do?

Call our technicians if you are ever in doubt about what the bad smell from your air conditioner could mean. The technicians at United States Heating & Air Conditioning will make sure that they snuff out any potential structural damage with your HVAC system and keep your home safe from possible electrical malfunctions. Schedule an HVAC inspection today by calling (407) 337-7925 and keep those foul odors from ruining your home’s vibe.