Why Your Home Should Have a Water Filtration System

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Removing harmful minerals like lead and copper from your Orlando home’s water supply will ensure you and your family have safe, reliable drinking water, but that’s just the beginning of the benefits of installing a whole home water filtration system. The installation can also help you with home cleaning, improve your skin and hair, and save you money.

Consider the Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

No matter your water source, it likely contains contaminants. Orlando well-water contaminants, for example, can include nitrates, bacteria, and lead. City treatments add chemicals like chlorine and ammonia to combat harmful bacteria, but this doesn’t remove the minerals from the water. Water quality can vary widely depending on where you live. You can learn more about your water by searching the Tap Water Database – just put in your zip code to learn about the contaminants and general safety of your water supply.

Here’s how using the right water filtration to remove water contaminants and minerals can enhance your everyday life:

  • Safer drinking water. Rather than making a special trip to the store when you run out of water, you can trust your home water filtration system to remove all harmful contaminants. You’ll be able to access fresh, healthy water to drink anytime.
  • Cost savings. Instead of purchasing bottles of water, you could have filtered, contaminant-free water at your fingertips whenever you need it, leading to a significant reduction in household costs.
  • Reduced plumbing buildup. Water with a high mineral content, often known as hard water, leaves residue inside your pipes. This mineral buildup can cause plumbing clogs and corrosion. Filtering out the minerals from your water supply will minimize the buildup and help you avoid those unsightly, dirty water lines that accumulate in the toilet bowl and tub.
  • Healthier skin and hair. The excessive minerals in hard water can be incredibly drying to your skin and hair. If you notice your hair has lost its luster or your skin is especially dry after a shower, hard water may be the cause. By removing these minerals through water filtration, you’ll be doing your hair and skin a favor.
  • More effective cleaning. Filtering out the minerals in your water increases the efficiency and effectiveness of your dishwasher and laundry machine. You may also notice a reduction of mineral buildup that can clog and damage appliances. As a result, you’ll minimize wear and tear and prolong the useful lifespan of the appliances.
  • Better tasting water. When a water filtration system removes contaminants, it eliminates odors and unpleasant tastes. You and your family will notice the difference in water quality each time you fill up a glass to drink.

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Choosing a Filtration System

Deciding which filtration system is right for your home depends on your water source, your water usage, health requirements, and your budget. While well water filtration systems are designed to remove sediment, minerals, and bacteria, a system to filter city-treated water must also remove disinfection chemicals like chlorine and fluoride. How can you know which is right for your home?

Here are some common questions about filtration systems to help you make an informed decision:

  • What is a reverse osmosis filtration system? RO (reverse osmosis) systems make great well-water filtration systems thanks to their effective removal of heavy metals and harmful bacteria. How does a reverse osmosis system work? By applying pressure to the water, the RO system presses it through a semi-permeable membrane to remove sediment, minerals, and bacteria.
  • Should you opt for an activated carbon filtration system? This is a cost-effective option that is ideal for homes using city water. The porous carbon filter allows water to pass through while absorbing contaminants like disinfection chemicals, minerals, and pesticides. Because heavy metals are beyond the reach of carbon filters, it’s not recommended to use them as the only filter for homes with heavy metals in the water.
  • How do mechanical filters help? Mechanical filters are often used in pre-filtration because they can’t remove contaminants that have already dissolved in the water. However, when integrated into a filtration system, mechanical filters lengthen the filter’s lifespan, removing sediment before it can create clogs.
  • What does an ultraviolet filter add to your system? This filter type uses UV rays to kill bacteria and viruses. Because it can’t remove particles, it commonly works with other filters at the end of the system, preparing the water for your use.

Expert Water Filtration Installation in Orlando

Improving your home’s water quality is a smart way to ensure you and your family always have access to safe drinking water. But it’s important not to overlook other benefits like more effective, longer-lasting laundry and dishwasher appliances and healthier skin and hair.

If you’re ready to install a water filtration system in your Florida home, the trusted team at United States Heating & Air Conditioning® is specialized in tidy and precise water filtration installation. Call our experienced Orlando plumbers at 407-337-7925 or request service online to say goodbye to mineral deposits and hello to cleaner, safer water.