How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Bills

woman smiling looking at AC bill

Florida homeowners understand all too well the challenge of figuring out how to keep the house cool in the summer. There’s a fine line between achieving a cool, comfortable home environment and ensuring energy bills are manageable. United States Heating & Air Conditioning is your trusted partner to help you find practical solutions to beat the heat and protect your budget.

Is Your AC Struggling to Keep the House Cool?

When your air conditioning isn’t working its best, energy efficiency suffers. That means two things: higher bills and less comfort. So your first plan of action for how to keep the house cool is to ensure your AC is operating at peak condition.

Here’s how you can help the AC do its job to keep you and the family cool this summer:

  • Change the air filters regularly—every 45-90 days, or every 30 days if you have pets in the home or family members with allergies or compromised immune systems.
  • Replace the batteries on the thermostat; doing this can prevent coming home to a hot house because the thermostat died.
  • Find out if you have the right-sized air conditioner for your property; a system that’s too small or too large can lead to inefficient cooling and high energy costs.
  • Schedule preventative AC maintenance before the hottest months of the year; the pros will provide the checks and tune-ups your system requires to perform optimally.
  • Hire qualified professionals to provide necessary repairs at the first sign of a problem; neglecting minor AC issues can lead to more problems and costlier repairs, so catching malfunctions early can save you hassle and expense.

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How to Keep the House Cool in the Summer Naturally

In addition to scheduling professional AC maintenance and repair, you can take steps to promote a cooler environment naturally so your AC doesn’t have to work so hard to keep up. A few changes can make a big difference in your home’s comfort level and monthly energy bills.

Follow these energy-efficiency hacks to maximize summer climate control:

  • Close blinds and curtains during the sunniest times of the day to block the sun’s heat.
  • Adjust the thermostat throughout the day and night to meet your family’s cooling needs, but keep the range between 72 and 78 degrees for optimal energy efficiency.
  • Unplug small appliances and gadgets; even if not in use, gadgets can generate heat that warms the room.
  • Run any ceiling fans counterclockwise to push down and distribute cool air throughout the home.
  • Install a smart or programmable thermostat to make changing the thermostat easy—even if you are away from home.

Don’t Dread Summertime Heat and AC Bills—Our Pros Help You Manage Both!

Summer should be full of fun in the sun. If the stress of managing climate control and energy bills gets you down, let United States Heating & Air Conditioning help you reclaim the joy of summertime in Florida by showing you how to save money on the air conditioning bill. With our affordable AC services, your system will run like a well-oiled machine with higher efficiency and less need for costly repair. Plus, you’ll have more money in your pocket to do what you love with the family and a nice, cool home to enjoy all season long. Get in touch by calling us at 407-337-7925 or schedule service online.