Electrical Panel Repair & Replacement

Orlando Electrical Panel Repairs & Replacement

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Your electrical panel is the heart and the brain of your electrical system. Electricity enters your home through the main electrical entrance, then is distributed to where it is needed through a series of different connections that are controlled by circuit breakers. Your panel typically contains a couple dozen of these breakers, and sometimes more depending on the size of your home and the number of electrical features you use. While panels are generally something you might not think about all that often, they are a key component in your modern day-to-day life—almost everything in your Orlando home depends on electricity in some way, and all electrical equipment is connected to your panel.

Whether your panel needs to be repaired, you have a problem with a circuit breaker, or your old and outdated panel needs to be replaced, turn to the Orlando electrical experts at United States Heating & Air Conditioning. We have the tools and materials to offer a complete range of panel services, ranging from simple services to complex new installations and whole-home rewiring. Whether you’re looking to customize your electrical system or simply improve its safety, we’re committed to offering you world-class craftsmanship, peace of mind, and great customer service all along the way.

Choose the local electricians that know how to handle all of your panel problems! Pick up the phone and call our team at (407) 337-7925 today for electrical panel repairs in Orlando, FL.

Is It Time to Replace My Panel?

Electrical panels have few moving parts (generally none beyond the hammers on each individual circuit breaker), so most people often don’t think of their panel as a part that needs to be replaced. However, constant exposure to electrical energy, increased consumption, and wear and tear from age all play their part in your panel wearing out. If your electrical panel is more than 50 years old or you find yourself constantly making repairs like changing breakers, give our Orlando electrical panel replacement pros a call and find out if replacing your panel is the right choice.

Zinsco & Federal Pacific Electrical Panels

If your home still depends on a panel made by Zinsco or Federal Pacific, then you should call our team for assistance right away. These panels have been found to be potentially dangerous, and studies have linked them to a number of issues including overheating, breaker failure, and possibly even electrical fires. If your home is more than 40 or 50 years old and you still utilize one of these panels, have our Orlando electricians inspect it as soon as possible!

Get help with your panel problem right away! Contact our Orlando electrical panel replacement crew at United States Heating & Air Conditioning and set up your appointment now.

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