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Electric Car Charging Station Installation in Orlando

EV Charger Station Maintenance by Local Professionals

As major automakers like Ford and Chevy follow Tesla’s footsteps and introduce newer and improved models of fully electric cars, more and more people can afford the future of transportation. But electric or hybrid vehicles are alone in becoming more affordable to more people. The electric charging stations – or EV charger stations – for these vehicles are gradually getting less expensive but also more convenient to install and use.

If you live in Orlando, have an electric car, and hate having to charge it at another location, then it is time to talk to United States Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. We offer EV charger station installation, maintenance, and repair services that are delivered by one of the region’s most trusted teams for electrical home services.

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Benefits of an EV Charger Station

Should you get an EV charger station installed in your garage or on your property? If you own an electric vehicle, then we think you should, especially now that these systems are more affordable than ever. Many companies that manufacture EV charger stations for home installation have also implemented flexible payment plans that help fit your budget. You can also talk to us about finding the most affordable and efficient system for your vehicle’s needs.

The two biggest benefits of getting a home EV charger station are:

  1. Cost savings: As mentioned, EV charger stations are less costly now than ever before due to price drops and payment plans. But there are other ways that you can save big by getting one of these systems in your garage. If you have a solar panel system on your property, then we can integrate the EV charger station into it, allowing the sun to provide all the power your car needs to run. You might also be eligible for state or federal tax rebates if you go green by installing an EV station in your own home.
  2. Convenience: Maybe you aren’t worried too much about your finances? Getting an EV charger station can still be a great boon for you in terms of convenience. You won’t have to worry about going to the mall, library, or dealership to plug in your car and give it a charge once or twice a week. You won’t even have to worry about whether the charging station you want is available when you arrive. With an EV station on your own property, you can plan your trips with less stress because you know that your car can be charged whenever you need it.

Why You Should Get Professional Installation

As great as EV charging stations might be, you should beware of any that are sold as “do-it-yourself” installation, which is becoming more popular. The concept of plugging a station right into a preexisting wall outlet in your garage and being good-to-go is novel, but it is misleading. Oftentimes, the wiring in the average home is not rated to effectively handle an EV charging station added onto it. The result can be that the station charges incredibly slowly, doesn’t charge your car at all, or even poses an electrical fire hazard.

We encourage you to speak with our Orlando EV charging station installation pros to learn more. During an initial inspection of your property, we can determine if your home’s electrical system will be safe and ready for a station. If it is not, then we can discuss what work needs to be done to upgrade the system, how soon we can do it, and how we keep those services competitively priced for your advantage as the customer.

“Service tech, Collis, did an excellent, fast and clean job installing a 240V hardwired EV charging station in my garage. He was very knowledgeable about EV charging amperage needs and connectors and he was easy to work with. Also installed two flood lights.” -Jim M. 

EV Charger Repair & Maintenance

No electric vehicle charging station is foolproof, not even the sleekest-looking systems and battery banks manufactured by Tesla. Eventually, all electrical systems need to be inspected, maintained, and repaired. Thankfully for our customers, our qualified, experienced, and licensed electrical contractors can complete this routine work, too. You don’t have to go digging through online ads again when you already have us by your side and ready to help!

Your EV charging station might need repairs or maintenance if it:

  • No longer charges your car.
  • Charges your car noticeably slower than before.
  • Does not power on.
  • Displays a maintenance or warning light.
  • Makes a new or unusual buzzing or humming sound.
  • Causes electrical disruptions elsewhere when used.

Charge Up the Easy Way with Our Help

Ready to roll out with the latest and greatest EV charging stations for your home or commercial property here in Orlando? So are our professional electrical contractors from United States Heating & Air Conditioning. With our competitive prices, flexible schedules, and 24/7 emergency availability, we are confident we should be the first team you pick for any electrical home service you need!

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