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If you’re searching for an efficient way to increase the comfort in your home, look no further than a ductless mini-split in Orlando. Homeowners are getting to recognize the advantages of these highly efficient air conditioning systems, such as how they are equal to central air systems, but require no air ducts to heat and cool your household.

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Ductless mini-split air conditioners, also known as a split system, multi-split system or split-ductless system, are different from traditional cooling systems in many ways. Not like central air, multi-split systems can be placed around your residence to offer room-by-room air conditioning, giving you total control and flexibility over the temperature of each room.

Because they don’t have a need for ductwork, a mini-split AC can cool or heat an area’s air with up to 25% less energy, making them best for many households, especially rooms with temperature-sensitive belongings or equipment, garage conversions, older homes and modern homes where the most energy efficiency and space is desired. With a quiet, smaller design intended to enhance energy efficiency, they’re also just as effective and simple to use as standard air conditioning systems.

Additional models are also a mini-split heat pump. This means they can offer heat and air conditioning like regular heat pumps, keeping you comfortable always.

At United States Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re proud to partner with Lennox®, the leading name in home comfort. Lennox makes some of the noiseless and most energy-efficient home comfort equipment on the market.


You may perhaps be thinking why a ductless mini-split system would be better than a standard air conditioning system. Mini-split systems are just another route of central air conditioning system, but have a number of their own distinct benefits:

  • Mini-splits provide zoned comfort. Mini-splits make a zoned system, giving you the opportunity to set alternate temperatures from room to room. This makes them more efficient for cooling spaces that are occupied more of the time, rather than using central air to cool your entire home.
  • Mini-splits can alleviate an existing HVAC system. Mini-split air conditioners are a great possibility if you’re only wanting to supplement your HVAC system rather than replacing it entirely. This is a smart choice when hot and cold spots are a problem in dated or multi-story homes, when converting garage or attic space to a living space, and when building an addition. A mini-split system can usually be installed into your home with very little problems.
  • Mini-splits are perfect for rooms lacking ductwork, like additions or garages. A mini-split air conditioning system is best for any additions or renovations to your residence that don’t include ductwork. You can commonly utilize them in garages, sunrooms, attics, sheds and more.
  • Mini-splits are easy to install. Because they’re not tied to a central system, air conditioning installation is normally painless with mini-split air systems. Alongside the assistance of one of our certified HVAC technicians, you can commonly have a mini-split air conditioner installed in under a day. There’s less disturbance since we only need to drill a hole through the wall to connect your ductless mini-split AC unit with the outdoor system. This makes them more unified and secure than window or portable AC models.
  • Mini-split ACs are uncomplicated to control. If you’re worried that a ductless mini-split system will be more challenging to use than a traditional air conditioning system, we’re glad to put those fears out. Even if you have various units throughout your residence, there are a wide variety of settings that make identifying the best temperature effortless, including programmable temperature, motion and mobile controls.
  • Mini-splits are exceptionally discreet. Although the equipment is in the same room as you, ductless mini-split systems are usually quieter than air ducting from a central AC system. This is because a traditional air conditioner requiring much greater amounts of momentum to circulate the air through the complete house, with excess wind or mechanical clatter being an unfortunate side effect. Mini-split systems are built to be understated and can function as quiet as a whisper. If you have trouble sleeping or have very close neighbors, a ductless air conditioner is a perfect decision.
  • Mini-split systems offer improved air filtration. These systems are able to filter airborne toxins just as well as a traditional air conditioner. Mini-split AC systems may also come along with an electrically charged air filter to capture dust, dander and more.
  • Mini-splits are very energy efficient. A mini-split air conditioner is just as capable of being energy efficient as a traditional system. In most situations, it can even be more efficient. This is notably valid because they don’t posses ductwork that can seep out air. If you only require cooler temperatures in particular parts of your household, a mini-split system can ensure you’re only applying the power you need where you need it. A regular central air conditioning system could exhaust up to 25% more power to achieve the identical level of comfort. And most mini-splits are ENERGY STAR® qualified for their outstanding energy efficiency.
  • Mini-splits may last longer than a central air conditioner. Central air conditioners typically may last up to 15 years. With the right maintenance, a mini-split air conditioner can last up to 20 years or more. With the right air conditioning maintenance, you can get any AC system to live for a long time. A ductless system is no less beneficial, and we’re more than willing to present you with the very best care and any needed air conditioning repair.

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