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Every standard central heating and cooling system utilizes two different units: an indoor unit that does the majority of the heating and cooling of the air in your Orlando home, and an outdoor unit that either collects or expels heat. The two units are generally connected by a series of refrigerant or fuel lines, electrical wires, and a number of other components. The two are essentially entirely dependent on one another, and in the case of heat pumps and air conditioners, one won’t work without the other. Thus, installing one of these systems can be a huge burden, particularly if your property isn’t already built with one.

At United States Heating & Air Conditioning, we have exactly the solution you’re looking for: a package HVAC system. Package systems combine both your compressor (outdoor unit) and your condenser (indoor unit) into one package that is far easier to install. We make quick work of our installation services, offering peace of mind and expertise you can rely on for a heating and cooling system that works. Whether you’re installing on your roof, on the ground, or anywhere else, our Orlando HVAC pros make sure your experience is second to none.

Learn more about installing a package HVAC system in Orlando by calling the team at United States Heating & Air Conditioning at (407) 337-7925 today!

Why Packaged Units?

Packaged units have typically been thought of as a commercial heating and cooling system, but more and more people are starting to utilize them in residential applications as well. With space at a premium in modern Orlando homes, saving even just a few square feet by eliminating an HVAC closet could do wonders for your floorplan. When you can put your entire HVAC system outdoors (save the air ducts that run through your walls or ceiling), then you’ll be able to make better use of your available space.

Packaged units offer a number of other perks and benefits as well, including:

  • Quiet operation: With a well-insulated roof, many packaged HVAC units run significantly quieter than some of their counterparts. By putting the compressor on the rooftop, you’ll keep more of the noise pollution out of your home.
  • Superior efficiency: Because package units have a much smaller distance between compressor and condenser, they gain or lose less heat during the refrigerant transfer process. This means increased efficiency and lower cost of operation.
  • Ease of repairs: By keeping all major components in one unit, package HVAC units can often be easier to diagnose and repair.

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