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Water Line & Backflow Valve Repair and Replacement

Plumber repairing metallic water pipes with manometer

Like sewer lines, many believe that water lines extending from your home are not your responsibility. Many believe the water authority in their city cover any water line issues. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In most cities, water line issues on your property are your responsibility.

Left unattended, a poorly functioning water line can not only be frustrating, it can compromise your water supply. This can introduce contaminants into your drinking and bathing water, creating a serious health risk.

If you have a water line issue, it can be serious. Call U.S.H.A.C. today to schedule an immediate inspection. Any water line problem has the potential to affect your family’s health. Let us get you the peace of mind you need by fixing it quickly and professionally.

Why Do Water Lines Fail?

Water lines can crack or fail for many reasons. Many water lines were installed when your home was built. Even If your home is just 10 years old, your water lines could be degraded.

If your home is older, roots and burrowing animals can cause serious problems for water lines. Digging, water erosion, poor quality piping, calcification in the water that flows through the pipes, and simply time can all lead to water line issues.


Water Line Repair and Replacement

If you feel you have a water line problem, it can affect your cooking, washing, bathing and, of course, your drinking water. But you do not have to accept water line issues. U.S.H.A.C. has experienced water line repair technicians who can quickly and professionally repair your water line.

Are you concerned that your water line has a problem? Call U.S.H.A.C. today at (407) 774-9850. We can send a courteous and experienced water line technician to your home to quickly assess your situation. Your technician will explain your water line issue, and in most cases provide an immediate estimate on the cost of repair.

In many cases, U.S.H.A.C. can repair your water line in 24-48 hours. Your new water line will then provide the clean water you deserve, and the peace of mind knowing your family is receiving the best quality water your community can provide.  

Backflow Prevention Valve Inspection and Replacement Service

Another common issue that is closely associated with a broken water line is a malfunctioning backflow prevention valve. A malfunctioning backflow prevention valve allows water to return to your home. Does your sink or shower consistently back up? Yo may have a backflow prevention valve issue.

By allowing water to sit in the pipes closest to your home, a poorly or malfunctioning backflow water valve can cause health issues for your family.

You don’t have to live with a poorly functioning backflow valve. U.S.H.A.C. can take care of the situation quickly and professionally, often within 24 hours.

Once a backflow valve is replaced, we inspect it to ensure proper function. We provide you with peace-of-mind certification of its replacement. This certification can be used for any request from the city, and even to show a buyer of your home if warranted.


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