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Smart Thermostats in Orlando Make Home Comfort Easier

Heating and cooling your residence is a large part of your monthly utility expenses. Keeping temperatures and energy use under control can feel difficult, but homeowners can make the task a lot easier by installing a smart thermostat in Orlando.

At United States Heating & Air Conditioning, we take advantage of the latest temperature control technology to help make your house more comfier. Smart thermostats take the guessing out of balancing comfort with inexpensive energy costs. You won’t be required to think about altering the temp when you take off or get home. Or waste time programming your thermostat. Even better, Wi-Fi controls give you the option to check and adjust your home’s heating and cooling from just about anywhere.

Our technicians can show you just how easy smart thermostats are to use during a free home comfort consultation. We’ll also provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate. And we’ll stand behind our installation work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.*

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Benefits of Smart Thermostats

Technology and convenience have become important features, and home comfort is no different. There are a variety of smart thermostats that have varying choices and functions, but they all offer advanced technology that makes it simpler to heat or cool your home.

Smart thermostats are just that. They give you the option to manage your home comfort and also have the capabilities to start learning your family’s schedule and needs. There are lots of different models you can get, like the Nest learning thermostat, that include this innovative smart home technology. In lieu of going to the thermostat or getting out of bed to modify the temperature, most allow you to use voice commands instead.

Having a smart thermostat can also help you control heating and cooling requirements for different areas in your residence. You can install room sensors or temperature sensors, such as the Nest temperature sensor, in different areas throughout your home. Then you can indicate your desired temp for that area.

Here are several other benefits of using a smart thermostat:

  • Remote access: Smart thermostats give you the option to control your heating and cooling from just about anyplace. Whether you’re working or vacationing, you can use your phone, tablet or computer to raise or lower the temperature and keep an eye on your system. It makes it easy to confirm your residence is just the right temperature before you get there.
  • Energy savings: You don’t use to spend money heating and cooling your house when you’re gone. Most smart thermostats realize when you’re at home or out and can change the temperature to fit.
  • Learning capabilities: The majority of smart thermostats can learn from your agenda by watching your daily activities. Just install a smart thermostat and it will do the job for you.
  • Customized data: You want to assist in conserving energy while keeping your residence warm or cool. Smart thermostats figure out the best way to keep your home cozy with the lowest amount of energy.
  • Environmentally friendly: Lowering energy consumption does more than support your utility bills. It’s also a simple method to support the environment by reducing emissions.

Is a Smart Thermostat Better Than a Programmable Thermostat?

Programmable thermostats use a schedule to adjust temperatures in your house. Some allow you to use one schedule during the week and another on the weekend.

Smart thermostats take this benefit to the next level. They deliver increased flexibility, convenience and technology to meet your home comfort desires. From learning your behaviors by themselves to enjoying a voice assistant to control your home’s heating and cooling needs, smart thermostats bring a new way to keep on top of your home comfort.

At United States Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re passionate about bettering your family’s comfort and helping you conserve more on heating and cooling costs. We’re here to assist you, so contact us at 407-774-9850 right away to receive a free estimate or to schedule an appointment.