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Each furnace and heating system will come to the end of its helpful life. When that ends up happening, choosing the right replacement is sometimes difficult to do, but it is important to do so.

Should you get a new furnace?

About Furnaces

Having a Furnace is a good way to heat your home well. But did you know that there are many furnaces that can fit your specific needs? The different furnaces are as follows:


  1. Gas Furnace
    This is the most common style of furnace today, especially in cooler climates. Gas furnaces are very effective at dispersing heat evenly and it costs much less than the other options.
  2. Oil Furnace
    If you don’t have access to gas at your home, then picking an oil furnace would be a good option for you. This option however isn’t always as efficient as a gas furnace might be.
  3. Electric Furnace
    If If you have natural gas line that goes into your place then you can go with an electric furnace. Electric furnaces are usually cheaper to purchase and come in much smaller sizes in comparison with gas furnaces. However, like oil furnaces, they are not as efficient as gas furnaces. People who reside in hotter climates often buy these more often due to the low cost upfront and low usage.
  4. Modulating Furnace
    A modulating furnace modifies the amount of gas it burns based on the target temperature. This type of furnace costs more up front, however, it’s more efficient because it doesn’t waste energy. Instead, it uses lower energy without turning on and off throughout the day.

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